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With so many changes, edits and updates to your website on a regular basis, our Website Monthly Maintenance plan would be a great solution for you and your organization and save you money. Otherwise, our regular rate is $150 per hour billed in half hour increments.

The cost is only $99 per month and there is a 2-month discount for annual payments. For monthly bill clients, we can set you up on an automatic debit at the 1st of each month.

  1. Run Security updates as they are rolled out by WordPress and plugin developers
  2. Theme updated once in a year, however, it will not be applicable for customized core coded sites
  3. Plugin updates when required
  4. Website Errors – Resolve website errors once in a month if found
  5. Design Changes (If required) – With this, we will only make minor changes like color, font style etc. A major design change will require a new quote
  6. Run Backups – We will take backup of the website every 3 months.
  7. Backlinks Check
  8. Testing – Check load time and decrease to under 3 seconds
  9. Check for bugs and fix them once a year

10. Add Site to Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console as it is called now
11. Update copyright date once a year
12. Duplicate Content Check
13. Website Checked for Broken Links
14. Suggestions for Improvements with Respect to SEO
15. Website Health Score Check
16. Minor Content Updates
17. Up to 20 products upload for eCommerce Sites each Month if required and more



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