The dedication we bring to social media is evident in our work, and the synergy we share is a fundamental element contributing to your success.

Elegant Image Studios was conceived by the collaboration of Bob Hendrix and Laura Wright, who initially met while serving pivotal roles at a national company boasting over 200 locations. Bob, holding the position of Internet Sales Director, and Laura, functioning as the Business Development Manager, assumed responsibility for the company’s website, which swiftly emerged as an industry benchmark. Subsequently, our expertise was sought after, leading us to consult for other companies and etch our mark in the annals of the industry.

In the dynamic landscape of the past two decades, the significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns, and Online Reputation Management has surged to unprecedented levels. Fortunately, our extensive experience has endowed us with profound insights into effectively marketing the websites we meticulously design and build.


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Their testimonial videos aren’t production quality, but they get the message across, cover useful & relevant information which goes to show you don’t need to invest thousands in production get some testimonial videos up with quality.

Eh Jewel
Eh Jewel
WordPress Developer

Their testimonial videos aren’t production quality, but they get the message across, cover useful & relevant information which goes to show you don’t need to invest thousands in production get some testimonial videos up with quality.

Zubayer Ahmed
Zubayer Ahmed
FronEnd Developer

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Bob Hendrix, former Internet Sales Director for a national company, brings a wealth of experience to Elegant Image Studios. With a background encompassing over 3,000 website projects since 2001, he co-founded Elegant Image Studios alongside Laura Wright while collaborating on web design ventures in the metro Atlanta area. Bob doesn’t just oversee client development and lead the development team; he actively contributes to design, project management, and code writing.

Bob’s unique blend of expertise in sales, marketing, and advertising sets him apart from many web developers. He understands that having the best website is futile if it remains undiscovered. Drawing on his years of sales and marketing acumen, Bob excels in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Adwords Management. Leading the SEO and Adwords teams, he ensures close involvement with every client, guaranteeing the success of their campaigns.

With Bob’s years of sales and marketing experience, he is a natural when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Adwords Management.  He leads the SEO and Adwords teams and is closely involved with every client in order to make certain that their campaigns are a success.


Meet Laura, our esteemed Vice President and Senior Web Designer, spearheading not only the design aspect but also leading the Social Media Marketing, Corporate Branding, and Email Marketing teams. With over 20 years of experience in computer graphics, Laura is not just an accomplished artist; she has swiftly earned a reputation as one of the most creative web designers nationally, dedicated to crafting a distinctive brand for your company.

Laura ensures that every design is not just visually engaging but aligns seamlessly with your customer, patient, or client base, providing your business with a compelling image. It’s no surprise that many clients specifically request Laura for their site designs.

Laura’s commitment extends beyond design; she remains at the forefront of social media and marketing trends. Her passion for these domains is evident in her dedication to bringing EIS Digital Marketing’s clients’ social media pages to life. Laura and her team work tirelessly to ensure that each brand not only shines but remains prominently in front of your customers, patients, and clients. Working at her computer is where Laura finds her true happiness, making her expertise a labor of love that reflects in the success of every project.

Laura made a point early on to stay ahead of the Social Media and marketing trends.  For Laura, it is a real labor of love as she is happiest when working at her computer.  Her deep interest and fascination with Social Media Marketing and branding are evident as she and her team bring EIS Digital Marketing’s client’s Social Media pages to life and ensure that their brand shines and stays in front of their customers, patients, and clients.

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