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Providing Social Media Marketing
Scalable For Your Business

Social media is simply a daily part of life for millions of individuals. Online network marketing has become such a valuable tool for all businesses, big and small. If you are not posting daily on social media, you are losing out on brand awareness and business.

Reach Your Target Audience

You may have an outstanding service you provide or great products, but your online content won’t have an impact unless it is pitched to an appropriate audience. If you want to pull in new clients or customers, you need to find out who they are and go there to market to them.

  • What age groups do you reach?
  • What’s their average income?
  • Do they have common values?
  • What areas/cities do you want to market to?

Social Media Consulting Services

Wouldn’t you rather be building your business with your vision rather than using social media to market it? Then you need a social media marketing consultant to help you. Let’s figure out what the best option is for you.
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You have two choices: hire someone else to do it for you or figure out how to make social media marketing bearable for yourself.

If you don’t understand the “why” behind social media, you should really consider getting a social media marketer on board. Social media will help business, no matter what market you are in.

Sure it takes a bit of cash to hire a marketer, but you are willing to do so if you will get more clients/customers or just to keep your name out there.

Choose three things that you think will make the biggest impact on your business right now. Even if you have the best intentions, it is easy to lose focus on the things that actually matter on social media. Most business owners do not have time to do it all. Having a great social media marketer will help your business stay on track online.

For those who do not want to spend every spare minute pouring over Google Analytics, remembering to post on Facebook or run ads for better engagement, get a social media marketer to do it for you.

You don’t have to. To run a successful business, you are not required to do your own social media marketing. Our personal opinion is that choosing to do your own social media marketing is your choice. Do not ever feel pressured into hiring someone if you feel as if you are not ready. And never feel pressured to do it all yourself. We can help.

Custom Ad Campaigns

When you implement the correct advertising campaigns on social media, it can become your most successful marketing channel and the core driver of growth for your business.

Three advertising campaigns you need to be running.

  • Awareness targeting cold audiences. The goal of your Awareness campaign is to build awareness for your business. In doing so, you build recognition for your business in the Newsfeed and establish your credibility and authority.
  • Remarketing targeting warm audiences. This is where you remarket warm audiences who have watched your content at the Awareness stage. You see much better results compared with just running this type of campaign to cold audiences because the people in your warm target audience already know who you are, they have consumed your content, and are no longer strangers to your business.
  • Remarketing targeting for hot audiences. If you have a website then this campaign is a must. You are targeting hot audiences of people that have already visited your website. We can create highly relevant ads related to the pages of your website and show your ad to the exact people that have visited those pages.

The Different Platforms on Social Media


Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform, with 75% of American internet/mobile phone users who spend 20 minutes or more on the site daily.

  • 1.9 billion unique monthly users
  • 83% of users are women and 75% users are men
  • Best place to reach Millennials and Generation X (18-49)


Younger Americans are more likely than older Americans to be on Twitter.

  • 317 Million unique monthly users
  • Predominantly male users. 22% of users are male and 15% users are female
  • Mostly 18-29 years olds
  • 53% of users never post any updates
  • Users only spend an average of 2.7 minutes on Twitter per day


51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.

  • 600 unique monthly users.
  • Predominantly female users. 38% of users are women and 26% of users are men.
  • 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35.
  • 53% of Instagram users follow brands.


Specifically designed for business owners and professionals. Users mainly go to LinkedIn to showcase their job experience and professional thoughts, making it one of the more important platforms to use for those in B2B.


YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform in the world. On your channel, your brand can share and edit your own videos, create playlists, and prompt discussions.


Pinterest is one of the more unique marketing platforms on this list. Instead of posting content for your audience to read, on Pinterest, you are posting just a clickable photo with a short description. This is perfect for brands with a tangible product, i.e. clothing and food brands, restaurants, those in eCommerce, etc.

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